Arena Modelling and Arena Simulation

Arena software developed by Systems Modelling is discrete event simulation and automation software.  In 2000, it was acquired by Rockwell Automation. The user gets to build an experiment model by using modules (boxes of different shapes and sizes) that represents logic or processes. There are two types of modules on a panel- Flowchart module and Data Module. The modules are joined by connector lines to represent a process. The arena software has various commercial and academic versions:

  • Commercial Software edition - Professional Edition, Standard Edition, OptQuest
  • Academic Software edition - Academic Lab Package, Research edition, Student edition

Arena modelling is challenging as it not only requires representing the modules in a flow but also needs understanding the statistical data such as cycle time and Work in progress (WIP).It is a proven fact that creating a simulation requires more time at the beginning of a project. If you do not have a licensed Arena Software then it might be challenging for you to learn the software and then work on the assignment or project. If you are not confident of working on Arena Modelling and simulation just ping us on online chat and we are there to take care of all your problems. We can do this as we have a dedicated team of experts for Arena Modelling and Simulation and we have a licensed software as well.

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  • Arena Modelling - Discrete event simulation, simulating a simple queue, Manual simulations, Arena Load, Resource Schedules, Arena Process Analyzer PAN, Arena Input Analyzer, Modelling of production lines, Input and output analysis
  • Arena Simulation - translate visio shape flow chart into arena module, OBDC data compatibility, Visual Basic Scripting, Visual Basic Automation, Visual Basic Macro Recorder, SIMAN block-oriented language.
  • Excel- Random number generation , Output analysis in excel, Confidence intervals, Fitting Distributions to Data with the Arena Input Analyzer, adding plots

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