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Corporate Finance deals in raising funds for a business to finance various projects with positive NPV. Investors fund projects in lure of return of more money. Depending upon the size of the company there are various financing options available to a company. The fundamental nature of managing corporate finance is to use the scarce resources available with the individuals to invest in the companies, firms or business.  The investment is done in two forms debt and equity (stock). Investors who invest in equity expect to be more affluent therefore corporations invest such funds in real assets to produce current and potential goods and services. The debt holders expect to gain good rate of return on their investment.

Our Corporate Finance experts have years of practical experience and can easily handle various topics such as Capital Budgeting Concepts and Procedures, Diverse Investment Criteria: NPV (Net Present Value), Payback, Discounted Payback, Average Accounting Return.

Topics of Homework help include:

  • Pricing Model for Capital Assets, Using Security Market Line, Measuring Risk and Return
  • Model of Financial Planning, Financial Planning and Percentage of Sales method
  • Working Capital Management, Cash Budget, Cash Cycle, Operating cycle, Short Term financial policy

Usually topics of Corporate Finance such as Cost of Capital, Capital Structure, Financial Leverage, Mergers, M&M proposition are considered to be difficult and students look for expert help to solve and understand assignments based on these topics.

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  • Complex Corporate Finance Topics also covered:
  • Valuation of Discounted Cash Flow, Annuity and Uneven Cash Flow, Discounting
  • Valuation of Common Stock, Stock Feature, Computing Common Stock Prices with Dividend
  •  Bond Risks, Bond Yields, Bond Features, Bond Valuation, Computing Bond Prices and Yield

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