Dataflow Programming using MATLAB Homework Help

LabVIEW follows a dataflow model for running VIs.  The block diagram node executes when it receives all required inputs. A node executes, and then it produces output data and passes the data to the next node in the dataflow path. The movement of data through the nodes determines the execution order of the VIs and functions on the block diagram.

Visual Basic, C++, JAVA, and most other text-based programming languages follow a control flow model of program execution. Control flow, sequential order of program elements determines the execution order of a program.

For a dataflow programming example, let us consider a block diagram which adds two numbers and then subtracts 50.00 from result of the addition, shown in Figure 1. The block diagram executes from left to right, because the Subtract function cannot execute until the Add function finishes executing and passes the data to the Subtract function. A node executes only when data are available at all of its input terminals and supplies data to the output terminals only when the node finishes execution.


Figure 1. Dataflow Programming Example

In Figure 2, consider which code segment would execute first Add, the Random Number, or Divide function. You cannot know because inputs to the Add and Divide functions are available at same time, and the Random Number function has no inputs. In a situation where one code segment must execute before another, no data dependency exists between the functions; use other programming methods, like as sequence structures or error clusters, which force the order of execution.


Figure 2. Dataflow Example for Multiple Code Segments

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