Debugging Tools in NI LabVIEW Homework Help

NI LabVIEW software contains powerful debugging tools to help you identify problem areas in your code so you can make the appropriate changes. We may encounter two general types of software bugs: those that prevent the program from running and those that generate bad results or incorrect behavior.

If LabVIEW cannot run your VI it will inform you by changing the run arrow to a broken icon and the Error List window will list the specific reasons why the VI is broken. Second type of bug is typically harder to track down but LabVIEW has a number of tools that let you watch your code as it executes which makes the process much easier.

Probe Tool

Use Probe tool if you have a complicated block diagram with a series of operations, which might return incorrect data. To use the Probe tool with execution highlighting, the single-stepping, breakpoints to determine if and where data is incorrect. If data is available, the probe immediately updates and displays the data in the Probe Watch Window during execution highlighting, single-stepping, when you pause at a breakpoint. The execution pauses at a node because of single-stepping or a breakpoint; you also can probe the wire that just executed to see the value that flowed through that wire.

Fixing Incorrect Behavior

If your VI runs but produces incorrect results then you have a functional error in your code. The LabVIEW has several tools available to help you analyze where your VI is not behaving as expected.

Block Diagram Toolbar

When you run a VI, buttons appear on the block diagram toolbar that you can use to debug the VI. The following toolbar appears on the block diagram.



Click the Highlight Execution button to display an animation of the block diagram execution when you run the VI. Notice the flow of data through the block diagram. To click the button again to disable execution highlighting.

Execution highlighting shows the movement of data on the block diagram from one node to other using bubbles that move along the wires. Use execution highlighting with single-stepping to see how data values move from node to node through a VI.

Fixing Broken Vis


If a VI does not run, it is a broken, or nonexecutable, VI. Run button appears broken when the VI you are creating or editing contains errors.

Generally, this means that a required input is not wired, or a wire is broken. Then press the broken run button to access the Error list window. Error list window lists each error and describes the problem. You can double-click an error to go directly to the error.

Finding Causes for Broken VIs

Warnings do not prevent you from running a VI. Which are designed to help you avoid potential problems in VIs. Errors, however, can break a VI. We must resolve any errors before you can run the VI.


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