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Electromagnetism is a magnetic effect produced by an electric current. It is a phenomenon that deals with magnetic and electric field interaction with each other when electric current flows over the wire.

Students find it challenging on understanding the topics on Electromagnetism that are electrical conductivity and its doping, photodetectors,  transistors and photovoltaics, light emitting diodes,  optical phenomena, ferromagnetism , photonics, luminescence and magnetoresistance, energy conversion and power flow in both macroscopic and quantum-scale electrical and electromechanical systems, electric motors and generators, quantum tunneling structures, electric circuit elements and instruments, photons as waves and particles and optoelectronic devices and their interaction with matter, including solar cells, lasers, displays, modern applications electromagnetic phenomena, including wireless and optical communications, computer interconnects circuits and peripherals, microwave communications and radar, micro-electromechanical systems, antennas, sensors, power generation and transmission; Fundamentals include quasistatic and dynamic solutions to Maxwell's equations; radiation, waves and diffraction; coupling to media and structures; guided waves; resonance; acoustic analogs; and forces, power, and energy; electricity and magnetism that includes magnetic and electric fields, conductors , electromagnetic waves and the nature of light, electromagnetic forces and dielectrics,; Maxwell's equations in differential and integral form along with magnetic and electrostatic vector potential and dielectrics and magnetic material properties. Electromagnetism homework given to the students in their regular classes is very challenging. It needs a good understanding of the concepts on Electromagnetism.

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