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Fluid Mechanics is a branch of science that studies the fluid like liquids, gases  and plasmas. It covers all physical properties and the law to govern the behavior of fluids. It solves a variety of problems in Fluid Mechanics Engineering help. Here the skills in calculus and differential equations are used together with emphasis on physical understanding of why a fluid behaves in the way it does.

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Conservation of Mass Principles

Lift and Drag Forces, Dimensional Analysis

Momentum and Energy

Laminar and Turbulent Flows added mass,

Propagation Phenomena

Waves  on linear surface that includes wave velocities

Real sea waves descriptions

Heat transfer problems

Analysis of solid, structural, fluid and field.

 We receive requests for help in assignments and projects on Wave forces, Structures treatment in the context of design and basic sea keeping, Analysis of ships and offshore platforms. Geophysical fluid dynamics are addressed including distributions of temperature, salinity and density; heat balance in the ocean; major ocean circulations and geostrophic flows and the wind stress influence.

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  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Design of Ocean Systems
  • Analysis of Solids and Fluids
  • Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Fluid Motions
  • Sediment Transport
  • Sedimentary Structures
  • Unified Engineering
  • Aerodynamics
  • Fields, Forces and Flows in Biological Systems
  • Fluid Dynamics of the Environment
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Waves
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus of Variations
  • Wave Propagation
  • Structural Dynamics and Acoustics
  • Computational Ocean Acoustics
  • Plates and Shells
  • Finite Element Analysis of Solids
  • Control of Surface and Underwater Vehicles
  • Marine Hydrodynamics
  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • Compressible Fluid Dynamics
  • Turbulent Flow and Transport
  • Numerical Fluid Mechanics
  • Numerical Marine Hydrodynamics
  • Marine Power and Propulsion
  • Naval Architecture
  • Mechanics of Fluids
  • Fluid Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean
  • Wave Motion in the Ocean and the Atmosphere
  • Turbulence in the Ocean and Atmosphere
  • Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling
  • Compressible Flow
  • Aerodynamics of Viscous Fluids
  • Internal Flows in Turbomachines
  • Interfacial Phenomena
  • Random Walks and Diffusion
  • Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems
  • Thermal Hydraulics in Power Technology
  • Statistical Thermodynamics
  • Fluid Dynamics

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