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Topics of Homework help include

HRM concepts are considered to be difficult and students look for expert help to solve and understand assignments. The help topics include:

  • Concepts and Application of HRM
  • Group Processes- Interpersonal and Group Dynamics, Group Cohesiveness, Group Decision Making
  • Organizational Processes, Organizational Structure and Design, Teams, Power and Politics in Organizations
  • Organizational Learning, Organizational Culture, Organizational Change and Development
  • HR Department Operations, Responsibilities of HR Professionals, Competencies  of HR Professionals
  • Human Resource Planning, Work and Job Design, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and Selection Process and Strategies, Socialization and Induction of New Employees
  •  Training and Development, Investment in Training, Training Need Assessment, Designing Training Programs, Administering Training Programs, Evaluating Training Programs
  • Performance Appraisal, developing Performance Appraisal System, Rewarding Performance
  • Executive Development Program, Executive Compensation, Compensation Structure, Incentive Plans,
  • Planning and Management of Career, Succession Planning
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • HR in Virtual Organizations, Knowledge Industry, Mergers and Acquisitions, Outplacement, Outsourcing
  • HR Audit and International HR
  • Talent Management

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