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• Web Technology
• Vibrations Engineering Design
• Turbo-Machinery
• Total Quality Management
• Thermal Engineering
• Robotics Engineering
• Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning
• Project Management
• Production Management
• Power Plant Technologies
• Noise Engineering
• Modeling And Experiments In Heat Transfer
• Microprocessor Applications In Manufacturing
• Micro-And Nano- Manufacturing
• Mechanics Of Solids
• Mechanics Of Fluids
• Mechanical Vibrations
• Mechanical System Analysis And Design
• Mechanical Engineering Drawing
• Machining
• Machine Element Design
• Lubrication
• Low Cost Automation
• Kinematics And Dynamics Of Machines
• Internal Combustion Engines
• Injection Moulding And Mould Design
• Industrial Production And Quality Assurance
• Heat And Mass Transfer
• Geometric Modelling For Manufacturing
• Gas Dynamics And Propulsion
• Fuels
• Fluids And Solids
• Flexible Manufacturing Systems
• Ergonomics
• Engineering Thermodynamics
• Engineering Mechanics
• Engineering Mathematics
• Energy Conversion
• Design Innovation And Manufacturing
• Design For Manufacturing And Assembly
• Design And Manufacturing Of Composites
• Control Theory And Applications
• Communication Technologies
• CNC Machines And Programming
• Casting

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