Nuclear Physics Homework Help

The study of atomic nuclei along with the forces within them, their reactions is called as Nuclear Physics.

Tutors at help the students in Nuclear Physics topics like interactions of nuclear radiations (charged particles, gammas, and neutrons) with matter; alpha, beta and gamma radioactive decays; elementary quantum theory; integration of nuclear physics, particle transport, instrumentation, materials, control, heat transfer, environmental impact , safety and economic optimization; fundamental properties of the neutron, neutrons, nuclear fission, slowing down of neutrons in infinite media, the few-group approximation, diffusion theory, point kinetics, and fission-product poisoning; balance of plant in nuclear reactor system , support systems , interdependencies affecting the overall safety of the plant and regulatory oversight; radioactive decays; nuclear reactions; quantum mechanical calculations of deuteron bound-state wave function and energy; binding energy and nuclear stability; transition probability per unit time and barrier transmission probability and energetics and general cross section behavior in nuclear reactions.; nuclear forces; interactions of charged particles, neutrons, and gamma rays with matter; n-p scattering cross section; fission and fusion; shell structure of the nucleus; properties of the nucleus and nuclear radiations; nuclear and non-nuclear subjects and apply this knowledge to practical problems of current interest in nuclear applications design.

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