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Phonology is branch of Linguistics that studies the systematic organization of sounds in language. It also gives you a picture on how sounds are organized and being used in natural language. Below is a figure that gives you an overview on vocal tract,


Colleges and University across world teaches modeling phonology, empirical focus on modeling the discovery of static phonotactics, alternations, the discovery of gradient patterns, learning in the midst of variation and exceptions, running; markedness and phonologicalrepresentations and their natures - features, prosodies, ToBI (Tones and Break Indices) system, relation between the phonological component and the lexicon, syllables and stress,morphology and syntax, linguistics (phonology or phonetics), speech acoustics or music, the prosody of speech, i.e. rhythm, grouping, intonation and prominence patterns of spoken utterances, cognitive psychology (psycholinguistics),prosodic differences that signal meaning and phonetic implementation; sketch the analysis of an entire phonological system by the end of the term; virtues of formulating precise and explicit descriptive statements; phonetics and phonology, acoustic and articulatory correlates, Models of word recognition by listeners, features, and phonological structure; phonological phenomena that are sensitive to morphological structure, including cyclicity, base-reduplicant identity, level ordering, opaque rule interactions, derived environment effects and morpheme structure constraints, regulate the similarity of lexically related forms (such as input and output, reduplicant ,derivative and  base) topics in their curriculum.

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