Probability and Statistics Homework Help

Statistics and Probability are two separate topics but related to each others. Statistical analysis often uses probability theory while studying the subject. Together they comprises Fundamentals of probability, combinatorics , random variables and vectors, statistics, and decision analysis, uncertainty propagation and the random processes, conditional distributions, second-moment analysis, System reliability, simple and multiple linear regressions, estimation of distribution parameters, Bayesian analysis and risk-based decision, hypothesis testing, and Poisson and Markov processes; random variables, transform techniques, elements of statistical inference, simple random processes and their probability distributions, formulation and solution in sample space, Markov processes, limit theorems;  human cognition essential characteristics and their number, , Expressions of degree of belief, aspects of perception, reasoning, belief revision, and learning; basic probability models; random variables; statistical estimation and testing; confidence intervals; discrete and continuous probability distributions; linear regression; hypothesis testing and estimation, confidence intervals, nonparametric statistics, analysis of variance, chi-square tests, regression, correlation, decision theory, and Bayesian statistics topics.

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