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Real time series is a variable that is measured in distinct points over times. Usually the time periods are equally spaced. University across globes teaches Identification; Smoothing and decomposition methods; Estimation and Diagnostic Checking; Time series regression and structural change; GARCH models; Descriptive analysis of time series; Empirical aspects of spectral analysis; Applications of filters; Fts and their characteristics ; Linear time series analysis; Nonlinear models and their applications;Forecasting; Covariance Stationarity; Spectral analysis; Extension; state space modelling and the Kalman filter; Conditional heteroscedastic models;ARCH and GARCH Model Estimation; filters in economics; Trigonometric functions and complex numbers; Stationary time series models (some basic concepts); Multi-Equation Time Series Models; Transfer Function Models; Stochastic processes; Estimation and Testing; ARIMA models; Model selection and estimation of ARIMA models; Unit Root Problem; Lag operators and some properties of polynomials; Time series analysis; ARMA Analysis of Regression Residuals; ARIMA Models; Trend in Time Series; Stationarity, unit roots, and cointegration and Multivariate time series models topics in their curriculum.

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