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Linguistics semantics is the study of meaning of linguistic expression in any language. It study how meaning is constructed, interpreted and classified. Semantics is a Greek term which means sign. It is a sub discipline of linguistics.  Undergraduate and Graduate students often studies contributaries: philosophy, logic, syntax, and psychology; semantics and pragmatics; linguistic aspects of bilingualism; models of bilingualism and language acquisition; competence versus performance; effects of bilingualism on other domains of human cognition; brain imaging studies; early versus late bilingualism; semantics of predicates such as believe, know, want, say, ask, etc; formal semantics and pragmatics, speech acts theory and their performative utterances, and empirical work on complex of data; symbols are created and structured; drawing and to give meaning to different domains of the human world; how they are woven into family life, politics and the life cycle; their interpretaton; three dimensions: lexical class, typology and theoretical framework topics in Linguistics Semantics. Students always struggle to complete their homework on time.

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