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Thermodynamics is the study of relationship of heat, work, Energy and temperature with their mechanical reaction. The three laws of thermodynamics describe the changes and predict the equilibrium state of the system.

  1. The first law tells us that every time energy is converted from one form to another, the total quantity of energy remains the same.
  2. The second law tells us that in a closed system the entropy of the system does not decrease.
  3. The third law states that when a system approaches absolute zero, further extraction of energy becomes more and more difficult eventually become theoretically impossible.

Thermodynamics include the following topics like continuum mechanics, material modeling of engineering materials based on first energy principles: deformation and strain; momentum balance, stress and its states; elasticity and elasticity bounds; plasticity and yield design;  thermodynamics and their unified mechanistic language; Treatment of the laws of thermodynamics; electrochemical equilibria and surface thermodynamics; statistical thermodynamics; macroscopic systems and its equilibrium properties, basic thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium of reactions in gas and solution phase, and rates of chemical reactions; heat and mass transfer principles; Steady and transient conduction and diffusion; Convective transport of heat , Radiative heat transfer, and mass in both laminar and turbulent flows; thermodynamics to engineering systems (e.g. propulsion and power cycles, thermo chemistry); phase equilibria of homogeneous and heterogeneous systems and thermodynamic modeling of non-ideal crystalline solutions; constitutive property models of pure materials and mixtures emphasizing molecular-level effects using the formalism of statistical mechanics.

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