Verilog Homework Help

What is Verilog:

Verilog (standardized as IEEE-1364), is anHDL (hardware description language). It is used extensively in modelling of electronic systems. HDLslike Verilog differ from other programming languages as they include ways of describing propagation time as well as signal strengths (sensitivity).

Similarity with C Programming Language:

Verilog has a syntax similar to C programming language in several aspects like being case sensitive, and having case control flows (for, while, case, if/then/else). Verilog is a dataflow language, very much like the procedural languages like C. Its not very simple to follow, and hence students need Verilog Assignment Help. We at AssignmentHelpTutors  have experts who provide help with Verilog homework and have done various Online Verilog Project Help and Assignment.


Verilog is most commonly used in design and verification of digital circuits, at register transfer level of abstraction. Analog circuitsverification and mixed signal circuits verification are some of the other significant applications in which we provide online help with Verilog programming assignment.

Our Verilog programming experts are adept at understanding your requirements. They understand what level of complexity is expected from the student in the Verilog Assignment. Accordingly, they write simple and well commented codes so that the student is able to understand as well as interpret the code.

 Some of the topics in which we have provided  Verilog Assignment Help are as follows:

Hierarchy And Modelling Structures

Timescales And Specify Blocks

Basic Contructs Of Verilog Models

Verilog Coding Style

Lexical Conventions

0-Delay Code

Data Types

Race Conditions


Efficient Verilog Coding Techniques

Expressions And Simulation Mechanics

Debugging Verilog Models

Order Of Execution In Verilog Models

Simulator-Independent Debugging Techniques

Gate Level Modelling

Setting Breakpoints Interactively

Semantics Of Verilog Primitives

Using The Verilog-XL Command-Line Options

Port Expressions

Waveform Viewers

User-Defined Primitives

Using $Save

Behavioral Level Modelling

Verilog CLI

Control Constructs

Passing Verilog Parameters From Commandline

Time And Event Controls

Verilog Programming Language Interface

Tasks And Functions

TF Routines

Cross-Module References

ACC Routines

Quasi-Continuous Assigns

Write A PLI Routine

Declared Events

Link PLI Routine Into A Simulator

Register Transfer Level Modelling

Adding delays To Verilog Behavioral Models



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